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Path of Empowerment
Chapter One*

Path of Empowerment

(Inner Ocean Publishing)

Multidimensional Reality and the Design of Existence

  We share our perspectives about the nature of existence as an offering for your consideration, during these times of turmoil and change, to rouse you into waking up and taking charge of your life.

Everyone on Earth is here to participate in and contribute to the mass awakening of humanity to the truth that your thoughts create your reality.

This is crucial to understand since you are connected to layers and levels of reality that intertwine for the purpose of creating and exploring the majestic multidimensional nature of existence.

Knowledge is sacred and the choice to be informed or merely entertained in today's world is a very revealing test of the times.

Expanding your mind to penetrate the deeper meanings of life is not only liberating, it is crucial to your well-being, for knowledge is power, and how you use your power inevitably determines the course of your personal and collective life.

The social and political situations you currently face, personally and globally, include a series of very intense lessons of discernment. You are all challenged to see through the well-crafted, mind-boggling business of fear that has overrun the planet.

Maintaining your faith in a positive outcome for all you encounter every day is not always easy; however, it is important to remember that difficult and challenging experiences precede all worthwhile accomplishments.

The choices you make and the risks you are willing to take at this time are essential to the process of strengthening your resolve and waking up to the recognition and application of your personal power. Ultimately, you create all you encounter for very good reasons.

Everything in existence is imbued with a form of power, including you. For a few moments, consider your beliefs about the concepts of power and personal empowerment. What images come to you? What form of power do you imagine resides within you?

From days of old, awareness and self-empowerment were considered to be inseparable counterparts, like two sides of the same coin; the combination of these qualities was treasured and valued as an essential code of wisdom throughout the dimensions and annals of space and time because it was regarded as the basis for creating and maintaining a vital existence.

And now, at the beginning of the third millennium, as humankind encounters a grand cosmic lesson on the value of life, this old knowledge, like a long lost and cherished heirloom, is ready to be reclaimed and restored to its rightful place within the showcase of human values.

You are living in a time when opportunities for self-empowerment, expanded awareness, and spiritual growth appear to be unlimited. From some points of view, this is "the time and the place to be" in the midst of many, many probable realities, dimensions, and avenues of existence.

As a consequence, the times in which you live are particularly challenging because you are currently immersed in exploring a very intense section of the course in human development.

A powerful impetus to achieve increasingly pronounced states of greater awareness and sensitivity is driving you to feel, heal, and deal with your life situations and possibilities.

All the people of Earth are in crisis, and this crisis stems from a deeply ingrained fear of knowing the truth. To release this collective bondage of fear, you must be willing to see more and go deeper into what you know. It is now time to integrate your spiritual essence and become mature about how you use your mind.

You are in the midst of a tumultuous transformation, an initiation through the dark night of the soul, and you must be willing and able to identify the problems occurring in your personal and collective life and manifest their solutions.

You are on the verge of an astounding worldwide spiritual revolution, and with this in mind, it is essential to know that opportunities for growth are always abundantly available if you learn to create them.

Understanding the power of beliefs and the power of the mind, both individually and en masse, is the most pressing and crucial issue for humankind to grasp.

Recognizing these two important keys of knowledge can open human consciousness to a new worldview of unlimited possibilities and highly creative solutions.

Beliefs are essentially agreements about reality, and both personal and collective beliefs form the structure and the parameters of your life experience in any era.

Beliefs, thoughts, and feelings leave a distinct formative imprint on the field of vital energy that envelops your world. You are creating all of the time and humankind is rapidly awakening to this astounding realization.

The times in which you live are characterized by immense changes, and great flexibility and clear intent are required of you for dealing with this inestimable process of human transformation.

Developing the ability to become aware of what you think, feel, and speak, and structuring your life with pristine clarity through thought, word, and deed are of essential importance for living an empowered life.

Accepting responsibility for the power you embody is the essential and most important lesson of this transformation.

The pressure to truthfully deal with your life and the world at large has never been greater, and for some people, the intensity required for this task seems overwhelming.

During these times of change, opening your mind to consider points of view and vistas of life that extend outside of the box of accepted thinking is both sensible and admirable.

The tremendous challenges caused by the accelerated energies of these times actually serve to stimulate you to perceive reality in a new way.

You have chosen to be here at this time in order to contribute your own unique point of view to the cast of conscious beings who are producing "the great spiritual awakening" on planet Earth.

Awareness is a state of mind, and it is also the "name of the game" in these changing times. Like a colossal storm, expanding awareness is sweeping the globe with astounding momentum, stimulating humanity on a cellular level to wake up and discover its power.

You must be willing and able to call a spade a spade, that is, to name and identify what you see and sense is happening at all levels with courage and clarity.

Individually and collectively, your freedom hinges on your ability to speak the truth as you see it. Your lessons in living also involve very difficult issues of discernment involving your relationships with both physical and non-physical reality.

Each day, the choices you make are crucial to your well-being, and just as important, your thoughts not only set the course and direction of your life in the physical 3-D world, they also ripple into and affect many other realities.

The stakes in this "game of awareness" are steadily being raised, and you are challenged more than ever to identify your innermost feelings and acknowledge them as a primary source for creating your reality.

The potential for you to be more aware is constantly increasing due to the lightning-like speed at which new ideas are being exchanged and their possibilities realized. Even though you may rely on the printed word in order to learn and expand your knowledge and awareness, you are highly telepathic all of the time.

Each year since 1987, the stream of cosmic energies that affect your planet has gradually increased in intensity, resulting in the pulse of life speeding up: you may notice your life moving faster and faster, as seen by the demands made on you and the frazzling speed with which you have to operate just to maintain yourself.

And, what you think about and focus on comes into being with equal swiftness. The times not only demand that you become much more aware of what is happening in the global community, but they also require a new level of responsibility and honesty in your relationship with yourself.

The outer world is a mirror reflection of your inner reality. You must be willing to take charge of your life and become skilled in a new way of thinking in order to navigate the shifting currents of human consciousness.

For some people, these are indeed times of tremendous stress and tumultuous transformation, and with many lives turned inside out, numerous families and individuals face the very uncomfortable feeling of being backed into a corner. The pressure to be more flexible and change one's life and beliefs is escalating at an astounding pace.

The world economy is in a state of constant flux and confusion, accounting woes have wreaked havoc with the public's trust and faith in big business, layoffs continue to create more uncertainty, and the jobless rate grows daily as many people wonder how they will make a living.

Rampant "dis-ease" among animals and humans poses a staggering worldwide health crisis, politics reeks of insiders' dark deals, war drums drone on and on, nuclear attacks and terrorism rank as the number one threats in the controlled media, the increase of sexual violence and acts of perversion grows more blatant, the debt-to-credit ratio is completely unsustainable, and theft, fraud, cheating, and lying are commonly cited qualities of a very corrupt leadership worldwide.

It appears that so-called leaders have failed in their assigned duty to uphold liberty and champion freedom as civic responsibilities. Now, at this stage of the game, everyone is beginning to wonder why the world is in such turmoil.

This is an excellent sign, for it represents a most necessary reflection and reevaluation of life that each person must face and make.

All of existence is filled with energy that is responsive, alive, intelligent, vibrant, flexible, and telepathic; and being that you are a part of existence, you are imbued with the same qualities.

As your solar system travels the depths of space, it traverses a high-energy terrain of cosmic radiation, which is filled with a seemingly infinite web of consciousness blueprints.

This creates a massive shower of fiery energy that continuously strikes Earth, which brings immense quantities of intense atomic particles that penetrate the cells and atoms of all things, providing a form of celestial electricity filled with vital life-force energy.

The soft spot at the crown of an infant's head was often referred to as "the door to heaven" by ancient sages because it was recognized as a gateway for the flow of cosmic energy and spiritual intelligence into the ganglia of the cranium.

Cosmic radiation charges the central nervous system with life-force energy and serves as an invisible extension of the physical nervous system and connection with the greater cosmos.

During these times of change, a massive increase in the intensity of cosmic radiated energy is triggering humankind to open its eyes to a greater spiritual purpose and to perceive a more transcendent vista of existence.

The presence of these mysterious cosmic energies has long been detected and named by many different people from a wide variety of cultures: the unified field, qi or chi, prana, orgone energy, ether, dragon force, life force, the force, and cosmic radiation-all refer to the same enigma.

Regardless of how it is known, you use this energy as an unlimited source of power throughout the course of your life to project your self into being. Within your particular field of experience, your thoughts, feelings, and desires are the raw materials and building blocks you use to create your world.

The power to create resides in all forms of consciousness, and consciousness exists in a state of supreme cooperation throughout all of existence. Consciousness is existence. And love is the primary source material, the vibration of pulsating cosmic energy that fuels every aspect of the field of existence.

This grand field of energy is continuously stimulated and influenced by the activities of intense celestial phenomena that permeate the reaches of space and time.

With your beliefs, the spectacular display of implosions and explosions of cosmic gasses and matter appears as random events, exhibiting a universe in constant collision with itself. Yet this is hardly the case.

You have not yet dared to believe in or recognize the presence of the profound order that is at the core of all life. An evolving presence of collective Cosmic Intelligence actually moves, plans, and designs existence with distinct and deferential purpose.

Actually, all forms of consciousness have the inherent power to plan and create experiences, and from a larger perspective, this entire interconnected network of cosmic consciousness is the key component in the game of life.

The orbs in the heavens play many roles. Stellar components are essentially life-force communication centers that are intricately woven together through a tremendous telepathic linkup.

They are utilized by many intelligent beings as a means for sending specific transmissions through frequency modulation from one location to another.

Every flash of light, supernova, and solar flare, every action-massive and miniscule-is essentially important to the development of all parts of this cosmic network and is clearly set into motion by way of intent in one reality or another.

In the cosmos, Earth is located near the outer rim of spirals in the Milky Way Galaxy, many thousands of light years away from the mystical Galactic Center.

According to your reckoning, light travels almost six trillion miles in one of your years, placing you some physical distance from this source of light and energy.

Even though it may appear that you exist in some remote avenue on the galactic map of the heavens, every portion of existence is interrelated and inherently connected through the powerful, pulsating, alive, caring, creative, everchanging web of cosmic energy.

You are made from this energy and actually have a duty and responsibility to manage this abundance of vitality, no matter in which domain of reality you may reside

It is most important for you to accept that you are a powerful being. Your physical body serves as your own intimate example of the impeccable design of life; the intricate and wondrous organization of your cells, bones, and organs illustrates a vast network of cooperation that mirrors back to you the primary nature of existence.

By design, you are a fine achievement: a unique organic computer that is fully capable of consciously experiencing the different levels of your own reality, as well as many others.

In all truth, your world is just beginning to discover the multitude of capabilities inherent within the human form. For thousands of years, many clever diversions have kept humanity from understanding the true nature of its power and natural talent for creating the world.

For many millennia, limiting beliefs about your lack of personal power have been accepted as facts throughout your world; this was made manifest through focusing your power of attention on these beliefs. Such beliefs are agreements about reality, and they set the stage for what you encounter.

Your state of awareness then determines how you respond to the dramas of life you have created. You have the free will to choose what you will, and what you sow will be yours to harvest. We dare say you are much more complex and wondrous than you realize.

With a good measure of faith, trust, and desire-augmented with a large dose of cosmic knowledge, as well as common sense-you can certainly learn to focus your attention, be very clear about your intentions, and manifest what you want in your life.

Self-empowerment is a worthy achievement in any reality, although it is not necessarily an easy state of mind to achieve. Like any skill, it must be focused upon and developed, and called into being; yet once encouraged to awaken, self-empowerment blossoms and grows on its own, much like a hearty heirloom plant that thrives and flourishes season after season.

Self-empowerment is the most natural and treasured flowering of an awakened mind. Nestled in the depths of your cells are the memories and records of all of your ancestors, some of whom dealt with the same issues you are encountering today.

Perceptions of reality are imprinted in the genetic code and passed along to the various participants of a bloodline. In all lines of time and in all realities of existence, personal freedom is the prerequisite to pioneering new parameters of possibility.

Although some of your ancestors knew that self-empowered people are self-determining and do not require the lessons of deceptive leadership, the freedoms and gains one generation realizes are not guaranteed for another.

Each generation chooses its own values as well as what is important for spiritual growth-individually, when you explore and expand your innate personal power, you flourish; when you abdicate it, you create tyranny.

The nature of reality is such that it will mirror, mix, mingle, and play with any and all types of energy without judgments. Your thoughts, feelings, desires, and emotions, as expressed in words and deeds, are all projections of energy based on your personal beliefs.

As you become more consciously aware of your beliefs, you will begin to direct the course of your life. Life is not a random occurrence; at the core, it is an experiential agreement between many beings from many realities for the purpose of exploration and discovery.

Creative expression and supreme responsibility are key components for awakening and developing your spiritual intelligence. Self-empowerment is about examining yourself and knowing how and why you function as you do, and magnificent opportunities and freedoms abound whenever you choose the path of self-empowerment to co-create your reality with the power of the multiverse, which comprises all of existence including the apparent 3-D universe.

The current climate of consciousness opens you and your world to many discoveries of invisible powers; the power in the ether, the power in the body, and the power of intention are a composite of very old, yet essential, steps along the path to understanding life.

There is a saying that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, implying perhaps that the dangers of power mean power is something to avoid altogether. In actuality, you are birthed from power.

You are conceived in this reality through the power of sex, and an act of innate personal power propels you to leave your mother's womb at the appropriate time.

The nature of existence is imbued with power and so are you. You are a powerful being, you cannot avoid dealing with power, and when it comes to power, you will always be tested to see if you will abuse and misuse it. Power is a test of character, and the choice is always yours.

In one small cell, there is more potential power than you could use in your entire lifetime; however, global consciousness must first demonstrate its acceptance of ultimate responsibility for handling that kind of power before the gates to the mysteries of the multiverse are opened.

*This excerpt printed by courtesy and permission of
Inner Ocean Publishers.

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