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Book Summary by Linda Brown

     Miracles arise from acts of service, and the seven energy centers of the body (the chakras) play a role in these invisible acts of power.

     Invisible acts of power are defined by the author as generous actions that are given without a private agenda or expectation of credit or reward - such as love, intuition, compassion, purpose and spiritual support.

They are the means through which grace is channeled into someone's life. There is a hierarchy of grace. The seven stages of the practice of compassion and generosity correspond to the seven chakras.

However, grace (a spiritual gift) enters from above and works its way down, while the chakras begin at the bottom and progress upward. The first three are about survival instinct, protection.

Insecurities about our daily survival are rooted here. The latter chakras move more into the spiritual. We are meant to go through these seven stages in order to gain self-understanding.

     The greatest power you can have is self-esteem. Grace, intuition and power all work together in our lives. Our power can impact the life of every person we encounter.

There are three myths about power, which are as follows:

  1. There is not enough to go around.

  2. Empowering someone else gives them power over us.

  3. Material power brings happiness.

     The truth is that each of us is exactly where we're supposed to be and that every moment is an opportunity to give or receive support. We are not meant to live our lives in isolation. When one person reaches out to help another, both people feel healing effects.

     It has even been proved that each person needs four hours a month of face-to-face volunteering of some type in order for the body and spirit to thrive.

     The first chakra is located at the base of the spine. Its key word is tribe and its motto is "We are all one." This chakra is referred to as the root chakra, and it serves to ground us.

This chakra is about gifts of the earth, such as food and shelter. It provides us with our culture and identifies us with a place and people. The first chakra is about what we are willing to do in order to get power of body, mind and spirit, use it and keep it.

Each trial in life teaches us about our ability to survive. When we're in fear, our capacity to share and be compassionate is lessened. The task of the first chakra is to accept our physical life and the body it came in.

Each of us has some flaw to endure in order for us to change and become more spiritual. We each must learn to leave our tribe and move out of what is familiar. We all depend upon each other for our survival.

     The second chakra is located in the area below the waist, near the reproductive organs. Its word is relationship and its motto is "Honor one another."

The second chakra, while still about survival, is also about financial protection, financial generosity, creative support, personal belongings, relationships, sexuality, and the empowerment of others.

     If you will note the area where your body responds when offered help or when giving it, it will help you know which chakra you are working from.

For example, financial stress often shows up in a person's lower back. We rely on the second chakra to evaluate other's energy fields.

If you are a person who acknowledges and supports other's creative dreams, you will draw to yourself everything you need for your own creativity. But first you must have the creative courage to risk everything.

     The third chakra is located in the solar plexus. Its key word is self and its motto is "Honor thyself." This chakra has to do with ego energy, gifts of self-esteem, unconditional support, friendship, personal power and ethics.

Those who lack self-esteem look to the physical world to measure their success. You live more from this energy center than any of the others. It affects the ability to have a happy life. It is the center of gut instinct.

Fear of being alone is a third chakra fear. Courage comes under the third chakra - risking our safety and accepting the consequences of our actions. Under this chakra, in addition to physical courage, also comes self-respect.

     The fourth chakra is located near the heart. Its key word is love and its motto is "Love is Divine Power". This is the seat of compassion and where ego and spirit meet. It is the great mediator.

Love is the key energy of this chakra. At fourth level chakra we move from the physical and into the spiritual. This chakra deals with love for humanity. Many people are only capable of giving from the first three charkas - food, shelter, and financial aid.

Some people have a fear of making emotional connections. Sometimes it's hard to be with the weak and infirm, because it reminds us of our own frailties.

Yet in making heart contact, we experience God within that other person. Forgiveness falls under the fourth chakra. So does sensing another's emotional health.

The fourth chakra is about giving for its own sake. We can never know the full effect of our love upon another. The fourth chakra provides the kind of intuition where you act on something and then realize you acted without conscious thought.

In this chakra intuition pushes through past fears and hesitations. The fourth chakra is about loving our neighbors as ourselves.

     The fifth chakra is located at throat level. The fifth chakra's motto is "Surrender Personal Will to Divine Will." The fifth chakra is the energy of determination.

This chakra is about sense of purpose, discipline, choices and consequences, right speech and intention. Confession (which means withdrawing energy from actions you regret having set in motion) is a fifth chakra action.

We move outside our usual routine. It involves being receptive to other peoples' words and experiences and grateful for the wisdom they impart to us. Here we learn not to repress intuition.

Intuition lets us know when our mind, body, and spirit are out of balance. Using intuition is healing. There is no more powerful act than that of making a choice. Acting on intuition will never leave you with a feeling of betrayal.

     The sixth chakra is located in the center of the forehead and is sometimes referred to as the "third eye". This chakra is the energy of rational thought and involves gifts of the mind, such as wisdom and optimism.

The key word is wisdom and its motto is "Seek only the truth." This chakra is about releasing our attachment to things, people, and expectations. It is involved in clairvoyance. What you see as your purpose on earth strongly influences how you feel about service.

The mental energy of the sixth chakra helps the universe send you synchronistic events. The sixth chakra holds your belief patterns about the universe, goodness of others and the possibility of divine intervention.

     This is the contact between divine mind and human mind. Synchronicity is energy of the seventh chakra. You can help synchronicity, which requires lots of energy, by living in present time.

Synchronistic events are a creative force as well as sometimes being emergency intervention. When we find synchronicity in our lives, it is always up to us to recognize that an opportunity is being presented.

When you're stuck and need a synchronistic event you can say a prayer. Then let it go and the laws of attraction will provide you with a synchronistic event. You will always receive help within a second of a prayer.

You must see everything from that second on as the answer to your prayer. We have the power to choose our attitudes over life situations, no matter how bad the situation might be.

      The seventh chakra is located in the crown of the head. It is the center of higher consciousness and gifts of the spirit. The key word is faith and the motto is "Live in the Present Moment."

The seventh chakra represents the purest energy of grace. It is about angels in disguise and good Samaritans. Our angels masquerade as friends, family and strangers. They appear at the time we are in need.

Spiritual awakenings take place in the seventh chakra. Prayer is the seventh chakra's greatest power. Through the seventh chakra divine energy enters our consciousness. This is where miracles take place.

Miracles are in the eye of the beholder. The smallest act of service can seem like a miracle to the person receiving it. Sometimes two people meet only for a few minutes - minutes that change the life of at least one of them.

Car breakdowns are a good example of how the universe puts together two people who need to meet. We must remember that grace can manifest in our lives at any time. The seventh chakra is where you and the divine come together.

     Just as there are seven invisible acts of power, there are also seven invisible facts of power. They are as follows:

  1. Life is a spiritual journey.

  2. Your biology and spirit want to serve.

  3. Intuition influences every choice you make in life.

  4. Your intuition and generosity evolve as your personal power evolves.

  5. Angels and grace are real.

  6. You are never alone.

  7. Everything you do matters.

     There are many ways you can empower a soul - hope, encouragement, and kindness, to name a few. Empowering another is also an act of self-empowerment.

     Faith is active, not passive. It is belief put into action. It is not about the past or the future. It is about the present moment. Our difficulties and joys develop faith in us.

     We need to accept ourselves and our power. Human life is about learning to manage our power. This involves working with our energy and to whom we give it.

You must not give too much of yourself or give for the wrong reasons. Rescuer fatigue can manifest in depression, emotional exhaustion and chronic pain. The seven chakras are sensitive to the energy of other people.

     Caroline Myss says, "We act divinely when we act in service to others." This is the way that God works anonymously through us.

Our life is meant to be both physical and spiritual and it's through our life experiences that we learn our spiritual purpose.

     Each one of us can be a channel for divine grace. It is our task to put faith into action in the universe, that it may do its invisible work.

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