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Hidden Order

Hidden Order
(Red Wheel Press)

Book Summary by Susie Pedigo

  In the introduction the author explains that this book is intended as a manual that requires the reader's participation in invocations, practices and rituals. Such participation will lead to a meeting of inner and outer worlds that reveals a hidden order.

This hidden order is quickly becoming a part of the world's spiritual revolution that will rid the world of fear, greed, and confusion and result in humankind developing harmony with the cosmos.

Either everything in the universe is accidental, without cause and effect or intention, or nothing is. Remote viewing, psychic visioning, the role of intuition in diagnosis, and her experiences with I Ching have led her to believe that there is a hidden order in the universe.

Most of us recognize an explicit order, the cycle of water, photosynthesis, the seasons of the year. There is also an implicit order, hidden from our eyes and unexplainable by reason, which underlies everything and makes mystical connections.

Our lack of knowledge of this hidden order is the reason our lives are so out of tune with nature.
There are nine basic principles that help us understand this hidden order:

1. A hidden order is behind everything. Ancient and modern philosophers and religious leaders have taken this position. Taoism, Hermetic Gnosticism and the Kabala movement are only a few such movements.

2. Before self takes on a human body, it designs the life it will experience if it so chooses to help it fulfill its potential.

3. Once the self has a physical body the life design is revealed to it by unusual but meaningful incidents.

4. The hidden order that involves our life design is revealed only gradually, naturally, through our awareness of our subconscious, our dream states, and our thoughts as the pattern of our lives develop.

5. Its effects reveal the hidden order because it cannot be seen.

6. Experiencing hidden order transcends the ability to use words, so it cannot be described.

7. While it is always present, the hidden order is not always perceived due to the lack of attention individuals give to it. Thus opportunities are missed.

8. Hidden order is present and available for everyone, but only those who consistently look for it and are willing to shed preconceptions will see it.

9. The best tools to help reveal the hidden order are common place: paying attention with the intent of seeing it in meditation, nature observations, tea drinking, I Ching and other rituals.

Life is not a problem to be solved; it is a spiritual experience to be lived. Each individual is unique and is the only one capable of living the actions that are its. If an individual does not fulfill its creative potential then it is lost to the universe because no one else can.

Our personal lives are where heaven and earth unite. Our purpose becomes visible when signs show us the way to the future. When a sign emerges it usually means a change of direction, a leaving behind of our former selves to discover who we really are.

We may have to give up our personal history, our comfortable identity, and the sense of self. We cannot, however, discover our paths. Our paths must find us.
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross has indicated that each individual wants his life to make a difference.

He wants to contribute something and to fulfill his potential. It is never too late and the individual is never to old to begin.

Most people recognize the mind body connection. Each individual is responsible for creating his own health. Some organizing principle shoves the individual toward fulfilling his potential physically, mentally, and spiritually. It causes the yearning to discover and live the individual's truth. Total strangers, coincidences, accidents all may be messengers.

The author performs Casey-like body scans during which she reads the energy fields flowing through and around the physical body of the client. Disease shows first in the energy field and only later in the body. She sees the energy field as an oval force that surrounds the physical body and that can expand or contract.

From these readings she has decided that the body resides in the soul, not the soul in the body. Every obstacle or challenge encountered by an individual is an opportunity to review what he is creating in his life. In designing our lives prior to incarnation, we create opportunities to confront ourselves and take responsibility for our lives.

We agree with other souls to cross each others lives and contract to watch for signs of our lives designs
Larry Dossey's research carries this idea of being responsible for our own sickness and healing and step further.

He states that the individual mind may affect not just the individual's own body, but the body of another individual across distance, even if the second individual is unaware of the first individual's work on his behalf. If this is so, then each individual is not only responsible for his own health; he is also responsible for the health of societies and environments.

One tool in the attempt to become more responsible for our own lives is subtle energy. Other names for subtle energy are chi, prana, ki, organ, and mana. An expansion of awareness is related to changes in subtle energy. Anyone can learn to perceive the light, breezy force. It travels up and down the spine, and flows in and out with breath.

The three energy fields that are closest to the body are mental, emotional, and spiritual. They function, live and interconnect. Illness will show up in these fields before it reaches the physical body. The physical body shows the state of the energy bodies. Your reactions to other people may be a reading of their energy states. Some people energize you; others deplete you. Places may have the same affect.

In taking on a physical body, the individual takes on the need for connection to others in order to grow spiritually. Most significant relationships are planned prior to incarnation. We contract to meet other souls to explore the physical world, to expand our awareness, and to reconnect with the source.

Caroline Myss in SACRED CONTRACTS insists that there are people that you are required to meet. She calls them Noble Friends. Soul mates are those who are with us through many reincarnations. They are not always or even usually romantic partners. Therefore, there are many individuals that we can fall in love and be happy with at least until the reason for being together has been worked through.

The desire to unite with another individual is the desire to reunite with the source. Finding a relationship is not about filling emptiness; it is about stretching. The hidden order does not require that individuals marry or even touch, but it does require a meeting and therefore a decision.

The soul is immortal. Life is continuous in many different forms and dimensions. Certain events may be predestined as the I Ching indicates. If so it would be empowering to know that and not waste time worrying about or fighting them. Our aims and goals need to be in harmony with the needs of the cosmos.

It may be necessary to stand aside from the many in order to benefit the whole. It is not a good idea to totally dismiss the idea that certain things are fated. Our deaths may be such events. If so, it is even more necessary to live in a way that will make a difference. Be fully present in each moment and live with purpose.

From PSYCHO-CYBERNETICS by Maxwell Maltz the author learned about the Law of Attraction. It states that what we think about is what we bring into our lives. It has an additional concept attached to it that if that thought or prayer comes from a lack then the lack will be magnified even if the thought or prayer takes the form of an affirmation of plenty.

We are what we think. We make the world with what we think. Writings from India, China, and even modern psychology back up the idea that we get what we reinforce. Once the individual really decides what he wants and focuses on it synchronistic events and support will be there. Creativity is part of the hidden order which is omnipresent.

It will continue to act until the individual gains its true nature and fits harmoniously within the whole. The more the individual evolves by understanding his spiritual nature, listening to his intuition, remembering his dreams and looking for the synchronistic events, the more he will recognize the hidden order and his purpose within it. When he joins the hidden order with his creativity, he may help control what happens.

The universe always takes care of our needs and answers our questions. We get what we need when we need it. When it arrives, it may resemble nothing that we expected, but it will be what we need.
Each individual experiences life as if he were truly individual, but really we are all interconnected. Our thoughts and dreams mingle with the thoughts and dreams of everyone else to create the world.

Jung called this the Collective Unconscious. The Collective Unconscious at some point decided to go with facts, reason, and science and to ignore intuition, feeling, and truth. Because the universe is always changing and always trying to maintain a balance, the pull toward using intuition is gaining ground. Over 180 studies have shown that we have the collective ability to cause change through thought.

The International Peace Project in the Middle East says that when one percent of the population around the world practiced simultaneous meditation, there was a worldwide decrease in violence. Thus we must take responsibility for focusing on creating a harmonious world. It requires the individual to be open to what the Universe or Source asks of you, the creative force's vision, and the path of hidden order.

If the individual can align himself with those three forces and add his own energy to the mix, anything else he does will be inconsequential by comparison.

There are seven rules that can help an individual move toward any project.

1. Intend to at your very deepest level.

2. Ask for help from your noble friends, your invisible watchers, the universe.

3. Believe. Even if you don't believe you can change the course of the world act as if you did.

4. Cause no harm.

5. Absolute and complete focus on what you are trying to cause to happen.

6. Stay detached about the details of how, where and when.

7. Never, ever tell what you are trying to cause.

In the 1960's Dr. James Lovelock described the earth as a set of systems that were self-regulating. Gaia and all of the forms of life in Gaia are part of the hidden order. This order is clearest when one examines the number Phi. All plants, animals and humans seem to have dimensions related to the ratio of Phi to 1 squared.

Another example is the percentage of salt in seawater compared to the percentage of salt in blood. The interconnectedness of the life forms in Gaia allows the author to do life readings of others by erasing the boundaries between them and allowing their energies to merge, so that she becomes the information she needs.

She suggests that the shared consciousness phenomena might also explain intuition, voices from the dead, and spontaneous memories of past lives. Meditation is essential in the lowering of the barriers and the merging of energies. Dream states also work this way.

The hidden order is revealing itself so rapidly that a spiritual evolution is beginning. It is a shift in consciousness that will cause all to view the world holistically rather than as a collection of disassociated parts.

There are several practices that aid the development of the ability to see the hidden order. Ego is everything an individual sees about himself, that identifies that individual to himself. Mark Hedsel says that self is a part, very small, of the Universal Mind. It is necessary for each of us to realize we are more than our egos. Enjoy life, but be aware of ego.

It is necessary to separate somewhat from ego in order to see the hidden order. Meditation allows us to recognize and cut off the automatic pilot that usually runs our lives, thus offering a glimpse or two of the hidden order. Everything in nature is part of a symbolic fingerprint of the metaphysical creator of the world.

The energy and sacredness of that creation is called dreaming by the aborigines of Australia. Edgar Cayce saw dreams as transformative. Our culture ignores dreams because they are irrational, but they are fundamental to understanding the hidden order of existence. Each of us has a dream teller available to us anytime we need information, wisdom, or insight.

Our connection to the creative force that has the hidden plan is through our dreams. Thus working with dreams is the strongest way of working with the hidden order.
Intent and imagery create our reality. Intent is alignment with the hidden plan. Intent requires focus, detachment, and awareness.

Creating through what some call real magic depends on specific, well-defined intent. Nothing can distract or interrupt the visualization.

If the question is why are you here, then take the step in front of you to find out. Stay open, be ready for change, and don't expect one final truth.

1. Reflect on who you are.

2. Accept things as they are.

3. Observe energy and its flow.

4. Listen by remaining open to information without judging.

5. Learn to sense the world indirectly.

6. Be aware in the present moment.

7. Do things one step at a time.

8. Meditate often.

9. Create your own intuition and spiritual truth.

10. Look for opposites.

11. Allow events to happen.

12. Do not try to grasp the hidden order.

13. Accept not knowing

14. Use your attitude to shape events.

15. Accept others for qualities they have not for appearance, social status, or possessions.

16. Practice simplicity

17. Don't compete with others

18. Throw away your shoulds and value spontaneity and play.

19. When you finish something, move on.

Other aids to discovering your purpose include, rituals like baths, candles, tea ceremonies. Writing in a day book and recording and analyzing dreams are helpful also.

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