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Eyes of An Angel

Eyes of An Angel

(Hampton Roads Publishing)

Book Summary by Linda Brown

NOTE: Before ever deciding to write this book, Elder was "given" the title and at the beginning of each writing session he opened himself to guidance from the spirit world.

As a person who had long been fascinated by stories of out-of-body experiences, the author gained first-hand knowledge of this phenomena as a grown man.

He awoke from sleep one night to find himself floating near the ceiling, looking down upon the sleeping bodies of himself and his wife. While in this state, he had the feeling this wasn't the first time he had done so. He was able to float through walls.

He could even see through the ceiling to the clouds and stars of the night sky. He experienced a knowing that this pure energy is our natural state, and the loving vibration he felt was the vibration of God.

When the occurrence was over, he was confronted with many questions regarding death, astral travel, spirit guides and the meaning of life.

He began reliving two near death experiences he'd had, one when he was twelve years old and nearly drowned, and the other when he was older and in a car wreck.

During both, he'd had the feeling of being out of his body, floating, viewing the scene below him as though he were a spectator rather than the person experiencing the trauma.

Due to questions raised by the out-of-body travel, he began reading everything he could about the subject. Two of the books that most intrigued him were Journeys Out of the Body and Far Journeys, written by Robert Monroe.

Monroe had founded the Monroe Institute in Charlottesville, VA, a non-profit organization that researched out-of-body phenomenon. Monroe believed that by creating a certain kind of brainwaves, he could induce out-of-body experiences during altered states of consciousness.

This was accomplished by use of a small electronic pulse known as a "binaural beat" - it enabled synchronization of left and right hemispheres of the brain. Monroe called the process Hemi-Sync (for Hemispheric Synchronization) and patented it.

Elder signed up for a weeklong beginner's course. While at the Monroe Instutute, he was introduced to a deep relaxation process that initiated out-of-body travel. He learned to get to a level of consciousness in which he could access the spirit world.

He also learned methods of remote healing through focused prayer, which he later put to good use on his sister after she had a ruptured pancreas.

In 1992 Elder had a heart attack. While in the ambulance heading to the hospital, he had another near-death experience in which he floated above his body, observing it.

Shortly before he opened his eyes in the ER, he saw a pinpoint of light and felt himself traveling toward it at a great rate of speed. It was a glorious experience and convinced him that death would be glorious in the same way.

On his second seminar at the Monroe Institute, while performing astral travel, Elder met two of his spirit guides and witnessed a scene from one of his own previous lives.

The guide who impacted Elder's experiences the most was named Meldor. Meldor's purpose as a guide was to train other souls to be guides and to learn to control and transmute emotional energy. Meldor explained that he had been there at the scene of the car crash those many years before and that he had known Elder through many lifetimes.

Meldor told him that every person has one or more guides. A guide assists a person in the challenges and goals they've set for themselves. Usually the guidance appears in small, undetectable ways, such as through thoughts, dreams and meditative states.

Meldor referred to Heaven as The All, a place that contains the energy vibration of all souls. Each of us eventually arrives there. When we die we are greeted by spirit guides and deceased loved ones. He even took Elder to see The All for himself.

In order to live this physical existence, each soul has agreed to split off from the Source; however, all of us are the universal energy of Love. Every event in our lifetime has a purpose and we know ahead of time what the conditions are going to be.

Several outcomes are possible, depending on the choices we make in each situation. Most souls incarnate many times to work through trials and goals.

In one of their visits to The All, Elder was surprised to find a hospital. Meldor explained that people who spent time in earth's hospitals dying could become weak and run down and it takes awhile for them to restore their energy when they arrive at The All.It helps them make the transition to the Other Side if they are in a place that looks familiar.

Meldor also took Elder to the Hall of Records, which contains the life records of all incarnated souls. The souls visit there between lives, review what they've learned and prepare for their next lifetime. The Hall of Records details one's lifetimes and their period between lifetimes.

Elder was amazed at the beauty of the building and Meldor explained that often creation and construction concepts are developed in the spiritual realm before they are introduced on the earth plane.

Sometimes earth inventions and creative endeavors occur on earth because the earth person was "given" the idea through thought or during meditation or sleep.

Hell was explained by Meldor as a void between the physical world and astral realms. It is the lowest vibration of spirit levels. Souls here feel guilt over their deeds done in their last incarnation and they are imposing punishment upon themselves.

Eventually, however, they too will reach God-realization. Meldor said that at one incarnation or another, nearly every soul will spend time in that level of consciousness which humans call Hell.

Many individuals believe in karma, a means by which one pays for the injustice they caused in a previous life. Meldor pointed out that this is untrue, because each chooses its next life and no soul is forced to do anything.

He also took Elder to see perfect souls, the greatest manifestations of God, who are able to manifest on any level and at any time. Some of these perfected souls we know as Christ, Muhammad and Buddha.

Elder at some point realized that he and Meldor weren't communicating in words; rather, it was some kind of telepathy. He was told that beings of all planets and universes are able to communicate because the energy of thought is the same for all.

When Elder inquired if there is intelligent life on other planets and universes, Meldor confirmed there is.
Elder asked about soul mates. Meldor said that a soul mate doesn't mean someone in terms of romance, as some people think. When the Creator formed us in the form of energy, light and vibration, each of these manifestations split into two individuated beings.

They are identical in source and vibration, but develop their own realities due to their different experiences. They are never far apart in their vibrations and thoughts, however. They interact eternally in the spirit realm and occasionally they meet on earth.

Elder met his soul mate, Patricia, at one of the seminars they both attended. When they first shook hands, both felt tremendous shock go through their bodies. As they got to know each other, they found they had many things in common.

They shared information about their individual life experiences, including traumas they had experienced as children. It was through Pat that Elder was able to accept the feminine energies within his being and put them in balance with the male energies. Each helped the other in the process of healing.

A physic later told Elder that one was a messenger to the other, or both to each other.
Elder also became able to reunite with his love from past lives when she appeared to him in spirit form.

Some of the ideas the book embraces are that we are our brother's keeper and that souls exist at many levels of spiritual vibration. Death doesn't destroy us because nothing of energy is ever lost.

Every soul reaches for the perfect love of God realization and therefore it is impossible for a human to not reach his destination. We are all going to arrive at the same place.

The greatest opportunity life offers us is the experience of human emotions. A spirit cannot experience human emotions and yet human emotions are such powerful learning tools that most souls choose to return to earth many times in order to learn.

These same souls interact with each other in different lifetimes, although their roles may be different in each (such as daughter in one lifetime being father in another). Experience and knowledge are all we take when we depart the physical world.

A human being's reality is a combination of what he experiences personally and the experiences he shares with others. Separation is an illusion of the human experience.
A soul knows that we are not our bodies and that one lifetime is like a fleeting dream. The only thing that matters in each lifetime is how we treat each other.

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