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Edgar Cayce on Religion and Psychic Experience

Edgar Cayce on Religion and Psychic Experience

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Book Summary by Susie Pedigo

  The author personally witnessed more than 55 of Edgar Cayce's trance readings. As a graduate student of Divinity School of the University of Chicago, he was initially worried when his mother became involved with Cayce. As he investigated Cayce, Bro grew to understand that Cayce's psychic experiences were strongly connected to the Christian faith.

After he reached the midpoint of his career Cayce kept records of everything he did. These records included transcripts of more than 14,000 of his trances. Cayce opened the records to investigations by scholars from Harvard and Duke and other schools.

Cayce made no attempt to explain his psychic abilities. It was not based on communication with the dead. He considered himself a "psychic diagnostician". Through observation he learned that his psi abilities operated best when he kept close to the traditional Christian faith.
Cayce was psychic in three different states and three levels within each state.

Awake on the natural level he sensed moods and thoughts of people around him. He anticipated letters and phone calls. On the enhanced level he could describe the physical appearance and location of a stranger whose letter he held, and could send for others to come to him.

Elevated psi occurred only rarely in the awakened state. He sometimes thought he had visual and vocal contact with the master and in praying with a group he could establish the atmosphere of peace and goodness.

During the sleeping state the natural level of psi included sleep-learning, the ability to speed his own healing and predictive dreams. The enhanced state included the ability to preview a process, and picturing detailed scenes of ancient times, which he thought, might be connected to his past lives.

His dreams also included encounters with cherished friends and relative who were dead. Elevated dreams included receiving instructions from another dimension and experiencing eating and talking with Christ.

During the trance state the natural level of psi appears to have been the ability to pick up traces of what ah individual been or done from thin air. These traces were often expressing casual almost slangy asides during the trance.

The enhanced state was the most common state during trance and was recognizable by the shift to a more formal language. Rhythmic breathing was also a characteristic of this state.

He seemed to have access to absolutely any knowledge that was needed to the individual for whom the reading was performed. However trances often began with the warning that not everything would be revealed. Only what the listeners could use would be revealed.

In this state Cayce would diagnose the state of every organ within the individual, describe the structure and organization of an individual's character, outline the Judaic prophetic schools, or analyze the causes of the Depression.

The elevated state contained even more formal language, and explained or added to Biblical passages and predicted the fate of nations. In his twice-daily trance sessions Cayce was unconscious and frequently used poetic language.

At times he was difficult to rouse from trance and observers feared for his life. Cayce and those who observed him in a trance often called him a channel. They also used this term for any person who fulfilled his own vocation.

In trance Cayce connected psychic perception to creativity. Soon after the creation of the cosmos, man as soul roamed freely, playing creatively with the rest of the cosmos. Earth was tumbling around the cosmos involved in its own evolution when some of the exploring souls discovered it.

Millions and millions of souls became entrapped in physical bodies on earth. The way to freedom, to becoming once more co creators with God is re through successive reincarnations alternating with periods in other dimensions.

The source of evolution is the creative force, which emerged with mind and matter from the one force. Some souls will repeatedly reject the One's ways and as a result be absorbed into the One and lose consciousness and self-awareness. Growth in psychic powers is automatically growth in spirituality , in God's creativity. The major question of spirituality is "What have I done with what I have?"

Every human soul has psychic ability. Need, opportunity and intent must be in place before psychic phenomena occurs. So psychic ability has to be more than a kit of useful tools; it must include the awareness the way things are and a desire to work with the way things are.
This is part of the Christ consciousness given to every man.

All material objects are fields of atoms vibrating in patterns established by the One force. Psychic phenomena occur when the human soul is in phase with the vibrations of the field. If an individual attempts a service that is life enhancing and creative with trained abilities psychic phenomena will result.

Cayce explained the physiology of the phenomena by describing Kundalini yoga's beliefs about energy. So whatever affected the endocrine system affected Kundalini energy, affected psychic ability. Balance of rest and activity, emotional balance, diet, force fields of gems and any number of other things could influence psychic ability.

Creativity as being discussed here is not cleverness or inventiveness but the connection to God Creator. Human souls cause events, which result in other events, which work to fulfill the design for human unity.

Thus psychic ability is another name for love. The search for this creativity must recur with each generation, with each reincarnation of each soul.

Through his trance readings Cayce revealed the basic requirements that must be met for creativity to occur. Daily prayer and meditation are essential. One must guard one's tongue, search for the good in others and sort out one's ideals.

Communication with the dead is the first area of concern. Cayce did admit to seeing unknown people invisible to others. He usually saw them at places where devout people studied and worshipped together. The dead needed the energy of the livings prayers to find their ways, or to learn something.

He became interested in life after death and adopted Ouspensky's term "fourth dimensional" as a name for it. Many organizations and people besides Cayce have explored the possibility of life after death and the nearness of the dead to the living.

Auras are one of the most familiar experiences of psychics. Auras may be seen as shapes or colors oar both surrounding an individual. Some psychics appear to be able to perceive the give and take of energy between chakras or what Cayce called centers. Some can diagnose disease from the state of the auras.

Cayce groups encourage the attempt to see auras as a first step in practicing psychic ability. The person looking must look to see what is really there with openness and receptivity. Some times the seeing of auras is aligned to the maturity of conscience. One must look at individuals and care about them before they light up.

Automatic speech and quickening Cayce defined as his psychic meeting with a field, force or spirit greater than his own. The meeting shifted his consciousness. He remained fully7 conscious, but his vocal chords formed phrases without his volition.

It is kin to glossolalia and automatic writing. Some psychic like Arthur Ford suggest that anyone may attempt automation safely after doing an inventory of his problems and attitudes.

In Out-of-body experiences Cayce's source had warned him to be careful about. In particular it said that while he was in a trance no one should be allowed to pass a hand over his solar plexus because it might cause his death by separating his body and some part of him that had left his body to see information.

Such experiences have occurred to others in the state of hypnosis or dreams. Growth in the ability to accept others would help him develop the ability to have out-of-the-body experiences.

Precognition is the ability to know the future. Cayce usually experienced it in dreams. Different individuals see different aspects of the future, different kinds of events, different spans of time.

The subconscious was focused on what the individual worked on it the conscious state. The precognitive psychic must learn to distinguish between a symbol that says pay attention and one that says do something.

Retrocognition is a memory flash of past experience, which could not have happened in this life: Cayce saw it as evidence of reincarnation and previous lives. In the orient a Buddhist monk would expect to receive material from past lives as part of his training.

Hypnotists have attempted to use age regression as a means of uncovering past lives. Cayce's source recommended dream work to recover such experiences. It should be undertaken only to help with problems in the present life.

To develop any of these abilities the individual must work to develop sound relationships with others, a value system, commitment to action, acceptance of others, patience in times of stress, and a desire to be useful to society.

In addition a constant study of the Bible, meditation and prayer are essential. Thus the connection to Christianity or other religion is essential in the correct development of psychic skills.

Psychic abilities on the enhanced and elevated levels include prophesying, miracle working, guiding and healing.
Prophecy to observers often feels like a negative judgment or warning. In a trance Cayce's prophesy included statements that indicated Russian communism would save the world, and that the League of Nations was the right way to go for America.

He also indicated that those who lived good lives would be warned of natural catastrophes. His trances contained a sense of opportunity to work with God. The content can be political, religious, psychological or aesthetic.

Cayce's source spoke of Biblical miracles as wonderworking that actually occurred. Cayce avoided wonderworking that affected objects or people because he had abused that ability in a different life.

Cayce's readings often involved giving direction or guidance. There seemed to be two restrictions on his ability to give psychic guidance: he himself had to be rested peaceful and healthy, and the seeker ad to be able to use the information to help others, or himself without taking advantage of others.

Cayce's source indicated anyone could do the same for their own lives in dreams, prayer, meditation, kindness and good judgment. Cayce cold do it for anyone.

Healing was always a major focus for Cayce's readings. His healing abilities were limited. He could diagnose, He could inspect to obtain needed medical facts. He could determine complete medical histories for clients.

He could explain a sickness and its progress step by step in medical terms for an attending physician. He could prescribe a series of treatments.

However he did not heal through prayer. If prayer was part of the course of treatment he might join with others in group prayers for healing, but he felt that his talent in this area was limited and he did not practice the laying on of hands.

Bhakti Hinduism, Hasidic Judaism, and Sufi Islam express interest in religious or spiritual means of healing. Cayce's source consistently reported that prayer and meditation especially by groups aided the normal healing process.

Occasionally the source said an individual would be healed by psychic intervention alone, but not every ill person so treated would live. Those who died had also received a healing.

Sometimes the ill individual would be brought to the point of recognizing how his own emotions were causing the illness and then would have to choose to live or die by deciding to give up the emotion or to keep it.

The source warned that some of those who attempt psychic healing do so because productivity is blocked in some area of their lives. Those who are divorced or business failures must first bring their own love and work into order before attempting psychic healing.

Suffering of any kind may aid in making an individual more sensitive to the suffering of others and more desirous of helping others. Healing depends largely on the ability to love.

To develop any of the elevated or enhanced abilities the individual must practice meditation regularly, develop the ability to sacrifice his will to God's, work to unite the conscious with the subconscious and above all, love.

Cayce's source described love as a cleansing, healing blessing force. It is not a feeling but an inherent characteristic of the soul. As a force it has the capacity to change energy fields.

Those who seek to use love to help others cannot work alone. In addition, those that attempted these higher psychic acts, must conquer the problem first in themselves before attempting to help others.

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