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Angels & Spirit Guides

Angels & Spirit Guides

Angels & Spirit Guides*

My angels and spirit guides were many and nameless. Then someone suggested to me, "why don't you name your angels and spirit guides by what they do and give them a face to make them more personal." What a novel idea! It became fun.

One of the first names I acquired I stole from the movie Michael. Arch Angel Michael who gives me small miracles became the dazzling face of John Travola. He became personal when I allowed him to drink beers as in the movie.

That was completely against my grain of what I thought an angel would be like. I moved from conditional to unconditional love giving a personality to Arch Angel Michael. Michael throws his head back laughs and says, "You never can use to much sugar, Sparky."

Then I dropped all preconceived ideas or barriers I had of angels and guides. My Spiritual Guide of Appreciation became Arthur Ford. He is a cheerful elderly man.

He sat on the other side without a physical body hovering over people who were smoking and was known to say what he missed most as a non physical being was his physical body's five-senses.

When in the physical body Arthur enjoyed his smoke. I can hear Arthur say, "you are blessed, look around with all your senses, you have a luscious physical world to experience.

I also have attached to the "energy" of people as my guides. Ruth Montgomery leads me to automatic writing, touching my higher self.

At times Edgar Cayce comes forward and encourages me into the hall of records where all information is available to everyone available. If I just trust myself, Edgar Cayce's wide-awake state of his own doubts, do not arise for me.

I have an Angel of Relaxation who encourages cat napping, called Hope. He has the joking, light happy energy of Bob Hope. He helps me while I am multi-tasking to stay cool, calm and relaxed.

He says, "jump onto my nose and pretend you are skiing off it," he laughs and says, "relax, relax and take a 5 minute catnap NOW" (while I am waiting in an office for a meeting or something).

Occasionally my relatives or friends guides will come by to encourage, help, or give warning. Some of my guides have special interests they are working on personally and they show when I am in their field of interest.

Of my relatives and friends some are not in physical bodies now and some are in physical bodies. From those in bodies now I access their pure positive energy of love of their unconditional higher selves through their service to others.

When Princess Diana walked on earth I would evoke her energy of kindness. I access Jacqueline Kennedy energy of family her Camelot. I call also on Sai Baba or Dali Lama in physical bodies now and Jesus and Buddha in the nonphysical plane.

There are as many non-physical spirits around all of us as there are people here on earth today. It is like walking down a busy street in NY City.

They are as many different levels of awareness, purposes and directions for them all. I do not talk to everyone on the streets or ask advice from just anyone. I am selective, I ask for what I want and for the god of my understanding to lead and guide me for the highest good of all concerned.

I ask for assistance in an area of concern and I trust my inner guidance. Commonly it is the first name and face that pops into my mind that is ready to work with me. In communication with angels and guides imagination becomes the key to awareness.

I communicate by seeing imagery and hearing the still small voice within me. I was told that my guides and angels are numberless and nameless as my multi-definitional self.

Angels and guides as they come and go in my life at different times assists me to become more attuned to my guidance. My spirit guides and angels are there when I call and limited by the choices I make in allowing myself to accept or ignore the guidance.

I have experienced and expect miracles and god does for me what I cannot do for myself because I have surrendered my will to a higher all encompassing power of whom and what I am.

What are angels and guides? Angels are beings that protect the integrity of the godhead: source love. Guides are non-physical souls that have lived on earth before, energies of people living on earth now, or beings that have never had a physical body.

Who has angels and guides? Everyone has them do. It is just like friends, how many do you want? Angels and Guides are anxiously waiting for us to recognize and communicate with them.

What are the roles of angels and guides? The role of angels and guides is interaction, participation, and a view from a broader perspective to be of service in this joyful life experience on earth.

How do you find your own angels and guides? Start a dialog asking questions and journaling the first answers you receive. Focus on connecting to your team of angels and guides:

1. Begin with a prayer.

2. State your specific intention: To know and name your angels and guides.

3. Be grateful and appreciative.

4. Communicate with your angels and guides

a.) State what you need and ask what angel or guide will help you with that need.

b.) Question what specific jobs will that angel or guide be doing.

c.) Ask if they have a name or name them your self.

d.) Give them personalities see their faces in your minds eyes.

e.) Talk to them daily and request their guidance and team help.


I actively connect to spirit as my inner coach and open two-way communication with my angels and guides. I believe and trust in the power of connecting with my angels, guides and having conscious relationships.

*Reprinted from Higher Self, December, 2003, Vol.2. No 6

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