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Nancy Rosanoff, Ph.D., a member of the Intuition Network and someone I have had the opportunity to co-teach intuition workshops on various occasions. She has written three very unique books (see below). She now has initiated a column in Body & Soul magazine, "Sixth Sense." In her first column (October, 2004, page 128) she presents one of her signature methods for tapping into your intuitive intelligence. She is a master of inventing images that help us connect with our intuition, and this one is no different.

When we have a decision to make, many intuition teachers (including Edgar Cayce) recommend reducing your decision making process to a series of yes/no type decisions. There are many suggestions about how to detect whether your intuition is responding with a yes or a no. Do you see, for example, a green light or a red light?

Some methods provide a little more open-endedness to them, using images that might deliver more than simply yes or no responses. How does, for example, the decision "taste"? How does it "smell"? I recall these two examples from a Nancy Rosanoff class. In her new column, she offers a very interesting method, called "Try it on!" In essence, pretend your option is a set of clothes. How do you like the clothes? The fit? The style?

She presents the method in three steps.

Step 1: Relax (of course) and allow your awareness bubble expand; you can flex the bubble, contracting it, expanding it. Expand it to include the option you are considering.

Step 2: Now "try on" your potential decision, your choice, your option you are considering, as if you were trying on a new piece of clothing. Allow the clothing imagery to come to you spontaneously. How does it fit you, physically, emotionally, in the context in which you will have to operate?

Step 3: Examine your feelings about your experience with this clothing.

Nancy Rosanoff’s books:

Intuition Workout: A Practical Guide to Discovering and Developing Your Inner Knowing

Knowing When It's Right: An Intuitive Approach to Improving Relationships

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Making Money Through Intuition

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