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In 1998 Midge Steadman began publishing the Pendulum Newsletter that was mailed to subscribers. Funds to underwrite its publication were no longer available after the infamous 9/11. Midge then began sending the newsletter to subscribers via E-mail, but this proved to be too cumbersome. This led her to design an outstanding website, www.penwing.com to publish this wonderful newsletter as well as a potpourri of inspirational, spiritual, channeled material, news, book reviews, “heartwarmers,” a trivia game, links to other sites pertinent to the material found on Pen Wing, and more.

The site is the easiest to navigate that I have yet to discover on the Internet, especially one that has so much valuable information. Congratulations to Midge for a great design, and for her exhaustive research.

The year’s Pendulum Newsletters are also posted on the Web site. Beautifully designed pages and much, much to ponder and enjoy. I constantly print bits to keep in my files, send articles to friends, and tell others about the web site. Everyone has thanked me profusely and the Pen Wing web site has prompted many interesting discussions and shared enjoyment.


Georgia Pecktal, email: gabennett@worldnet.att.net

(Editor's note: We thank Georgia for her nomination of an inspirational website. We encourage our other readers to nominate other inspirational websites that are of interest to people involved in intuition development.)

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