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Reprinted from Living in the Light, October issue 2002

Many of us on this path need and seek guidance from alternative sources. Among these sources are psychic readings, hypnotic sessions, dream quests, intuitive perceptions, and meditative revelations. Some of us use the scriptures and Cayce readings as our 'vade mecum,' our guiding reference compendiums. Some consult the stars. Some toss lots, runes, the I Ching, or cards. Some use all of these sources.
John Van Auken

These alternative sources or devices can and have worked for humans throughout the ages. In some well-publicized moments, God has spoken directly to humans, giving insight and direction. Lately, hearing messages from God ('God told me to do it.') has often ended in evil acts and jail time! The Cayce readings say that God still speaks to those who will listen – but the hearers don’t become insane and antisocial.

Let’s explore alternative sources for guidance for life situations and personal decisions.
We can group these sources into two major categories: those that use others, and those that use our inner self. The most popular are those that use others: psychics, mediums, hypnotherapists, astrologers, card readers, palm readers, and the like. All of these assume an unusual ability on the part of someone else. We simply have to show up, pay the fee, and receive the information.
In some cases the guidance is correct and useful. In some cases it is spectacular and affects us and our lives in distractive ways, leading us off in directions we never really wanted to go but felt directed to do, often to the detriment of our families, friends, and our own lives. In some cases the guidance is ambiguous, causing us to never feel that we correctly understood it. I’ve actually interviewed people who received Cayce readings but felt they really didn’t understand them at first.

Without question there are people who manifest special abilities to 'read' the Akashic records, cards, stars, and souls. The problem is finding them, or finding the right one for you and your needs. Some readers are quite good with health situations but not with past lives. Some are good with past lives but not with coming circumstances in one’s life. Some can see your situation and future opportunities or dangers well but not your body’s condition.

Few are good at reading all of the influences affecting a person today. As you may know, the A.R.E. maintains a list of psychics which you can investigate and choose from. In your local area there are astrologers, card and palm readers, and others who may be able to help you get some insight. Most can be chosen by their reputation; asking others who already spent the money and got the advice is the best way to determine if the reader is worth a try.

Even if you do find a good reader for you, the real work begins after the reading, when you have to apply the guidance in your life! Of course, this is the challenge with any guidance, isn’t it? I once interviewed a person who received guidance from Edgar Cayce himself (something I’m sure all of us would have wanted). He told me that the work involved in what Cayce told him to do was too much. He wasn’t willing to do it. But I’ve also interviewed people who did do all the work that Cayce directed them to do, yet felt like they never really got the result they were expecting. Of course, there were many who did grasp the guidance in their Cayce readings and gained much from applying them in their lives.

Getting information is the easy part. Making it work for you is another matter all together! Often, Cayce would only give a little direction in the first readings for people, keeping more for later, after they had applied some of the initial guidance. He often said that all change is to be achieved one step at a time, here a little there a little, and that longsuffering and patience are required for significant achievement along the path.
Inner guidance is even more difficult than outer because it requires that one develop his or her own skills at reading before even getting the reading!

But, according to Cayce, the inner methods have the added benefit of developing one’s soul in the process of getting help. Cayce says that the senses necessary for alternative guidance are the natural senses of our soul. Our body’s senses are:
sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste.

Our soul’s senses are: clairvoyance (seeing beyond the present location and time), clairaudience (hearing beyond vibrating of the physical ear drums; 'He who has ears to hear, let him hear what the spirit says.'), clairsentience (perceiving by means beyond the physical senses, especially by feeling).
Clair is a prefix derived from the French word clair, meaning 'clear,' as in clear-seeing or clear-hearing. The word psycho, a prefix used in some of the compound words used to explain these soul powers, such as psychokinesis, is derived from the Greek word psyché, meaning 'breath, spirit, mind,' as in perceiving with the mind or the spirit rather than the body’s senses.

As many of you know, Cayce was specifically asked how individuals can become more psychic. His answer became the 'Search for God' material, containing such topics as: Spirit, Patience, Cooperation, Destiny of the Mind, The Lord Thy God is One, and so on. Much of this material can be distilled into two basic concepts:

(1) extrasensory abilities come from being in greater proximity to one’s psyché or soul, which naturally has these as its senses; and

(2) the more completely one’s self is set aside, and the deeper, soul-self is made at-one with the Universal Consciousness, with God, then the clearer and more accurate the guidance.

Obviously, this is going to take some effort and time to develop.
The methods Cayce recommended most are meditation and dream study. Dreams happen naturally and, according to Cayce, are the 'safer' way. Meditation is similar to entering the dimensions of sleep and dreaming but is done while in a semi-wakeful state.

Another technique promoted through Cayce’s at-onement with the Universal Consciousness is 'creative writing.' He described this as sitting quietly and in a reflective state, even a spiritually attuned state, and then letting thoughts and ideas flow to you, writing them down as they come. Don’t think of these as being for others or for publication. The guidance is for you; it is communication from your higher self, even from God, to your outer self.

We all need guidance. Life at this level is often unclear. There are others who can help us. There are latent abilities within us that can help. Even God can guide us. Some skills will need to be developed, but they are not beyond learning. The hardest part of getting guidance is applying it.

And, according to Cayce, guidance or knowledge that is not applied becomes 'sin.' To know to do something and not to do it is unhealthy, in this lifetime and the next. So take a deep breath, get up and get searching for that important insight into your circumstances and potential. It has been promised: 'Seek, and you will find. Ask, and it will be given you. Knock, and the the door will be opened.' But once it is, you have to do your part by using the breakthrough in daily life; step-by-step, little by little. Go for it now.

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