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Intuitive Answers for Pets by Renee Takacs

Intuitive Answers for Pets by Renee Takacs

The Apple Answer to a Frightened Pet*
From Victoria's Secret came an enchanted scent.

As an intuitive consultant, the readings I had done until 1997 pertained only to people issues. But one summer evening, after I'd done readings at a party, the host jokingly said. "Next time, you'll have to read for our dog. Sparky." With rising curiosity I asked, "Do you mind if I try it now?"

I received impressions, much to my surprise, similar to the thoughts and emotions I gather from people readings The owner's jaws dropped in amazement, and I felt tickled with my newly found discovery. This wonderful new pathway to read dogs-and later, horses-widened my intuitive lens. This expanded ability happened spontaneously and naturally for which I feel humble and grateful.

Shortly after that, Shelley, who is a dog behavioral trainer, asked me to do an intuitive reading for her white German shepherd. Kia. "Kia feels anxious and sensitive," I said. Shelley commented that Kia tends to be uneasy both in the show ring and during thunderstorms. When I asked my Intuition what would remedy this uneasiness. I smelled apples and felt this scent would calm Kia.

Armed with this information, Shelley excitedly dashed out to the first place she thought of: Victoria's Secret! She asked the salesclerk for an appie scent. The clerk suggested the Enchanted Apple splash and asked, 'Do you want the bubble bath too?"

"No," replied Shelley. "This is for my dog." The salesclerk smiled with lifted eyebrows and asked, "Your dog wears perfume?" Shelley courageously replied,"No my psychic says this will keep my dog calm." Can you imagine the chitchat at Victoria's Secret after Shelley's purchase?

Shelley first tried the scent during a booming thunderstorm when Kia normally gets very clingy. This time, Kia did not press up against Shelley's leg Instead, Kia comfortably fell asleep on the couch in the midst of the crashing thunder.

Another test came shortly after that, Kia and Shelley entered a dog show and World Canine Free Style Competition The David Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh hosted this event. Shelley sprayed both herself and Kia with the magical Enchanted Apple scent and entered the ring. Kia manifested no signs of stress. To top it off they won first place in the "Anything Goes Canine Free Style" competition. Is Enchanted Apple scent appropriate for your pet?

My 'sixth scents" says it just may be!

*Pets: Part of the Family, May/June 2000, pg 70
Canine Consultant Tells Owners What Pets are Really Thinking*

Renee Takacs didn't invent wome's intuition, but she has taken it one step further: dogs and horses.

Holding a master's in transpersonal psychology from Atlantic University and a bachelor's in business administration, Takacs, 38, is an "intuitive consultant."

"I see, or intuit. as one who functions as an adviser, who uses an intuitive approach to sound decision-making," said Trakacs, who lives in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania.

This weekend, she took her skills, used primarily for people trying to make decisions concerning their careers or relationships, to pets Saturday at the Fourth Annual Collie Frolic at Miller Grove, North Park.

There, she impressed more than 100 people with her skills.
"I can't believe what she knew about," said Joyce Lehosky of North Huntingdon, Westmoreland County.

Lehosky took her collie, Brandi Lee, 2, to see Takacs at the Frolic.

"Rence told us that Brandi had a connection with a male with a bad knee. Well, that was my husband," Lehosky said. What's more, Takacs "knew" that Brandi liked to go to the cupboard to hide, she added.

Takacs told Sue Yaras that her dog, Cadence, 2, had a muscle strain from agility training. She knew that he liked grapes and could turn on the bathtub faucet to get a drink.

"It was very interesting," Yaras said. "She was pretty accurate."

While she shies away from the term "psychic," because of the negative connotations society places on it, Takacs claims that she is able to "read" the energy coming from people and animals.

Takacs said that she realized that she could read dogs as well as humans two years ago as she was leaving a party where she was asked to read. "They said, 'Next time you come back, you'll have to do a read on our dog,'" she said.

Meeting the challenge, Takacs said she plopped down on the floor and was able to tell the owners things about the dog that she wouldn't readily know.

She knew where the dog liked to sleep, that he liked to sleep with a blanket over his head and that he was secretly desiring a bacon-flavored treat that the owners had stopped buying.

"Their jaws dropped," Takacs said. Since then, Takacs' reputation spread by word of mouth, allowing her to intuit for people-and their pets-full time.

She lectured at the Community College of Allegheny County, has seminars all over the region and has a bi-monthly discussion group that meets at her apartment.

On Saturday, Takacs did eight readings on the more than 75 collies attending the Collie Frolic.

Ruth Avers, president of the Collie Rescue League, said that her experiences with Takacs were powerful, convincing her to book Takacs for the event.

"I had her read for a rescue dog," Ayers said. "He had a lot of strange little quirks."

Lance, Takacs told Ayers, liked men with beards who smoked pipes. While Takacs couldn't have known it, one of Lance's previous owners was a man just as she described.

Takacs also described where Lance liked to go to relax and sleep. She also revealed to Ayers that he liked flute and bagpipe music.

"She pretty much had him right," Ayers said. "She physically described the place where he liked to go. It wasn't hokey. There's depth to her."

Shelly Caldwell of the Swallow Hill Farm, an animal boarding house and obedience training center in Finleyville, Washington County, said that her experience with Takacs was even more specific.

CaldweIl found herself caring for a horse that kept watch out of the back door of her stable.

"She wasn't very friendly," Caldwell said.

Caldwell asked Takacs to do a read on the animal, which she did, telling Caldwell that the horse was sensitive to the spirits in the area.

As it turned out, Caldwell's home is in the center of what was once a Native American village.

"Their burial ground is up the road," Caldwcll said. "I never made the connection."

Takacs said that it's through experiences like this that her business has grown.

"I haven't done a lot of marketing," she said. "It's much more credible this way. I'm trying to get across the professionalism of this. It's not a scary thing. It's a guidance thing and it's very rewarding."

* Pittshurgh Sunday Tribue Review

Contact Renee: reneedee@juno.com
Renee Takacs, 1112 Bank Street, #13, Bridgeville, PA 15017 (412) 257-1289

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