Elaine Langerman

3716 Yuma Street, NW

Washington, DC 20016, USA

TEL: (202) 686-0974  email: Elaine@Langerman.com



          BA, The American University, May, 1960.

          MFA, University of Maryland, June, 1978.



          Scholarships:  University of Georgia, Syracuse University.

          Collier Alumni Award,  Graduate School, The American University.

          First Prize, Maryland State Open Art Show, 1973.

          Management Assistance Grant, DC   Commission on the Arts and Humanities,                     1991.                

          Travel Grant to England, The British Council, 1992.

          Grant Recipient in the Visual Arts, DC Commission on the Arts and

                  Humanities, 1991-1992, 1993-1994, 1998-1999, 2000-2001.                            

          Fellowship, Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Sweetbriar, VA, Feb., 1995.

          Small Projects Program Grant, DC Comm. on the Arts and Humanities, 1997.



          2002  “Skipping and Dancing, Bang.” Studio, Los Angeles, CA.

          2001  “Dreaming”, Gallery K, Washington, DC.

          2000  Palisades Post Office Installation, MacArthur Blvd., Washington,

                         DC, Sheila Rotner, Curator.

          1998  “Free Association”, Maryland College of Art and Design (two-person                                                   show).

          1996  “Dreams, Visions, and Music”, Gallery K, Washington, DC.

          1994  “Stories”,  Gallery K, Washington, DC.

          1992  Installation, National Institutes of Health, Bldg. 10.

          1991  “Slightly Larger Worlds (Tifereth)”, Gallery K, Washington, DC.

          1990  “Open Books”, Washington Project for the Arts--Bookworks.

          1988  “Small Worlds”, Gallery K, Washington, DC.

          1983  Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities-- WestLines Gallery, CO.

          1982  Sebastian-Moore Gallery, Denver, Colorado.

          1981  Boulder Center for the Visual Arts, Boulder, CO.


          2002  “25th Small Works”, 80 Washington Square East Galleries, NYC.

          2001  “The Anne Barlowe Show”, MOCADC, Washington, DC

          2001  Group Exhibit, Association for the Study of Dreams Annual Interna-

                         national Conference, University of California at Santa Cruz.

          1999 “Small is Beautiful”, Gallery K, Washington, DC.(also 2000,2001)

          1999  Summer Show, Gallery K, Washington, DC.

          1999  “Animals in Art”, NIH, curator, Lillian Fitzgerald.

          1999  “Vessels”, National Institutes of Health, Bldg 10, curator, Lillian                                         Fitzgerald.

          1999  “Hypnopompia, Dreaming to Awakening”, UCLA Santa Cruz, Association

                       for the Study of Dreams Art Exhibition (slides).

          1998  “The Painted Object”, Group Show, Anton Gallery, Washington, DC.

          1998  “Precious”, Jan Baum Gallery, Los Angeles, California.

          1998  Group Summer show, Artworks/Bookarts, Santa Monica, California.

          1998  “Art of the Book 98”, Canadian Bookbinders & Book Artists Guild,                                                 Toronto, Canada; Carol Barton, Robert Jekyll, Michael Wilcox, jurors. (Travel in Canada)

          1997  Pyramid Atlantic/Corcoran Book Fair, Corcoran Gallery of Art, with                                              Joshua Heller, Rare Books, Inc., Washington, DC.                     

          1997  “Women of the Book”, Finegood Art Gallery, West Valley, Southern                                              Calif., Judith A. Hoffberg, Curator. (Scheduled to travel, USA &                                                  abroad.). http://colophon.com/gallery/womenofthebook/

          1997  “Sixty Artists Celebrate Sixty Years”, Duke Ellington School                                                  Gallery, Wash., DC, Margaret Paris, curator.                     

          1997  “Dreams of Life and Death”, The Living  

                    Room, Santa Monica, CALIF.

          1996  SOFA (Second International Exposition of Sculpture, Objects &                                            Functional Art), Cocoanut Grove Convention Center, Miami, Florida.

          1996  Critics-- Residency  Program Exhibition, Maryland Art Place,                                                       Baltimore, MD, Faye Hirsch, Critic-in-Residence.                     

          1996  Juried Painting Exhibition. Arlington Arts Center, juror, Howard Fox, Curator of                     Contemporary Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art,

          1995  “12 x 12 x 12 - 5th Annual”, Rockville Art Place, Willem deLooper,                                           Juror.

          1995  “Global Focus”, United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women,                                         Beijing, China.                    

          1995  Kennedy Center Gallery/Canteen for Musicians, Washington, DC.

          1994  “Miniature Show”, Vartai Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.

          1994  “Spirituality and Death”, Gallery 451, Rockford, Illinois.                                                                 

          1994  “Wise Women”, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, Illinois.

          1994  “Dreams, Legends, & Folklore”,  Willow Street Gallery, Washington,                                                    DC, Joan Wolbier, juror.

          1994  National Juried Show, Ceres Gallery, New York, New York; Juror, Eleanor                                         Heartney, Art Critic, Art in America, Honorable Mention.   

           1994  “Tributaries” (6 artists), Ellipse Arts Center, Arlington, VA, Lee

                         Fleming, juror.          

          1993  “Small is Beautiful”, Gallery K, Washington, DC

           1993  Sculpture Exhibit, Washington Sculptors Group, Marian Griffiths,                                               juror, Washington Square Bldg.

          1993  “Art in Boxes”, England & Co., London, England, then Nottingham

                    Castle  Museum, Nottingham, England.

          1993  “Sculpture Now”, Washington Sculptors Group, Washington Square.                                                (also 1991).

          1992  “Revered Earth”, Watkins Gallery, The American University.

          1990  “Small Sculpture”, The Robischon Gallery, Denver, CO (also 1991, 1992).

          1990  “Review-Preview”, Gallery K, Washington, DC (also                                                            1988,9,90,91,2,3,etc.)

          1990  “Something Strange”, White Columns, New York, New York.

          1990  6th Annual Juried Art Exhibit,  Strathmore Hall Foundation and

                The Artery Organization, Inc. Marilyn Zeitlin, juror.

          1990  McDonogh Annual Juried Exhibit; Carter Ratcliff, Juror, Tuttle

                Gallery, McDonogh School, McDonogh, Maryland.

          1989  “Books and Bookends”, Carol Barton, Curator, Strathmore Hall.

          1988  “New on View”, Strathmore Hall, Jock Reynolds, Juror.

          1988  National Museum of Women in the Arts Artists’ Book Exhib  [1]Ÿition,

                (library), Krystyna Wasserman, Curator (also 1989).

          1985  Alumni Artists Exhibit, The American University, Watkins Gallery.

          1985  “Boxformations”, Linda Thern Smith, Curator, Prince George’s

                County Community College and the Foundry Gallery, Washington,                               DC.

          1983  “Non-Two-Dimensional”, Auraria Campus, University of Denver.

          1983  “Colorado Ô83”, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center.

          1983  Phoenix Art Museum Biennial Exhibit, curated by Albert Stuart,

                Curator of Contemporary Art.

          1981  Franklin Furnace’s Artists’ Bookwork Exhibit, Walker Art Center,

                Minneapolis, Minnesota.

          1981  7th Colorado Annual, Diane Vanderlip, Curator, Denver Art Museum.

          1980  6th Colorado Annual, Denver Art Museum.

          1979  “All-Colorado Women’s Exhibit”, Arvada Center for the Arts and


          1975  “From the Studios of Washington Artists”, Washington Project for

                the Arts, Jack Rasmussen, Curator.      

          1974  “Paperworks”, Washington Gallery of Modern Art, Georgetown, DC.


          Ray Johnson Archive, Richard L. Feigen & Co., New York, NY.

          National Museum of American Art,  Washington, DC

          National Museum of Women in the Arts

          National Institutes of Health

          Chicago Center for Book & Paper Arts, Columbia College, Chicago

          Denver Art Museum (formerly)

          Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center (presently)

          Chase Manhattan Bank of New York             

          Exeter Oil Co.

          Chemical Bank of New York


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          2001 Co-curator, “Green Chalk”, Anton Gallery, Washington, DC, & National

                      Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland.

          2000 Juror: “Summer Selections”, Rock Creek Gallery, Washington, DC.

          2000 Moderator/organizer of a panel discussion of dream artists called “To Paint a Dream”, a discussion of how our dreams connect with our creative/visual work, part of the 17th International Conference of the Association for the Study of Dreams, July 4-8, Washington, DC.

          1999 Inclusion of p.3 of Such Stuff, in the Archive section of: Dreams:1900-2000, Science, Art and the Unconscious Mind, Lynn Gamwell, Ernest Hartman, Donald Kuspit, Cornell University Press,                                 2000. 

          1998 Exhibit, 12th NAPAW National Training Conference dinner, US-Asia                         Foundation Headquarters.

          1996 “Such Stuff”, Main Street Gallery, Prince Frederick, MD., a curated                        exhibit.             

          1996 Arlington Arts Center “The Artist’s Process”, “Dreams and Memories”                  panel participant, Judy Gruber (WETA), host.

          1995 Critics’s Residency  Program participant, Maryland Art Place.

          1993 ART COMICS participant, Vol.1, No.1, January - April, 1994,

                      Bebe Williams, Publisher.

          1990 Critic’s Residency Program Participant, Arlington Arts Center.

          1989 Critic’s Residency Program Participant, Maryland Art Place;

                      Carter Ratcliff, author and contributor to artforum, Art in                                              America.

Member: Association for the Study of Dreams.

Member: Washington Sculptors Group

I am currently represented by Gallery K, Washington, DC., (http://www. galleryk.com), and Artworks/Bookarts, Santa Monica, California.