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Living The Field

Reported by Angela Smith

  Described as a "Masterclass to Tap Your Extraordinary Potential", the Living The Field conference was organized by Lynne McTaggart, author of The Field*, and held at the Paragon Hotel, London, the weekend of April 5th and 6th. I felt privileged to be invited to give introductory workshops in remote viewing. The line-up for the weekend was impressive: Rupert Sheldrake, Lynne McTaggart, Fritz-Albert Popp, Larry Dossey, Jeffrey Mishlove, Gary Schwartz, Walter Dibble, Roger Nelson, and Erlendur Haraldsonn.

  Lynne McTaggart, in her book The Field has tied together separate, but intriguingly similar, areas of research, being carried out independently, in the areas of physics (zero point energy), psychology (morphic resonance), and parapsychology (intuition, remote viewing, group consciousness). Individuals, experiencing and practicing intuitive functioning, she claims, are living and operating in The Field.

  The conference was launched with Lynne McTaggart talking about how knowledge of the Field could cause a revolution in the ways that we think about physics, psychology, and human consciousness. Her talk, Living The Field, touched on many ways that we experience Living in the Field. If any of you have read any of Joel Barker's writings on Paradigms, you will understand her comments on having to rethink how we view intuition and consciousness and the mechanisms for how these work. Lynne is definitely a "paradign pioneer."

  We all emit photons, or units of light, and according to Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp. who talked next. we are all "Being of Light.". And this biophoton field can be measured scientifically. Dr. Popp related his research and experiences to the audience.

  After a coffee break, Dr. Larry Dossey, brought the audience up to date on research that has studied the Power of Prayer. His photo documentary, on prayer around the world, brought lumps to throats and tears to the eyes. It was inspiring.

  After lunch, Jeffrey Mishlove, gave another inspiring presentation, The Zero Point Perceiver, where he talked about individuals who use and manifest the Field in their lives. Giving examples, he pointed out the many ways that the Field can be manifested.

  Following, a demonstration was given by Dr. Fabio Petrossi od Trieste, Italy, of a machine that enhances the bodies ability to utilize the Field.

  During the remainder of the afternoon, conference participants divided into four groups to attend workshops in remote viewing (Angela T. Smith), animal communication (Amelia Kinkade), distant healing (Richard Lawrence), and the power of the group (Chrissie and Gary Blaze).

  I gave two 1-hour workshops, back to back, which was just enought time to give a general introduction and to have the participants practice a simple group demonstration of remote viewing. There is a huge interest in remote viewing in the UK and 200 participants attended each class!  Saturday closed with a group meditation.

  On Sunday, the morning sessions were started with a wonderful presentation by Dr. Ruper Sheldrake ,talking about The Secret Life of Animals, and also how we can detect the phenomenon of being stared at. He related scientific studies that conventional science is now having to take notice of. He is a great speaker with a very droll sense of humor!  His hypothesis is that being aware of being stared at was developed in humans as an evolutionary instinct to avoid predatory animals.

  Rupert Sheldrake was followed by Dr. Gary Schwartz, from the University of Arizona, who gave a report on the Afterlife Experiments and the Biofield, giving scientific results from studies that sugest that our Field does not dissipate at death but continues on in a lucid and present form.

  After morning coffee, Dr. Walter Dibble reported on experiments that found that the biofield of humans can be stored in devices that can protect and energize areas in which we work and live. In their lab, "black boxes" were developed that could store Field energy. Intuitive work carried out in such areas was enhanced.

  In the early afternoon, Dr. Roger Nelson, formerly of Princeton University, and now operating the EGG Project, gave a talk, Telegram from Gaia, on the power and effects of group consciousness. Roger, and his colleagues around the world, operate small random devices called REGs, that register fluctuations in group consciousness in response to major world events.

  The final talk of the conference was by Dr. Erlendur Haraldsson talking on the concept of reincarnation and its connection to the Field. Dr. Haraldsson is an Icelandic scientist with an impressive background in consciousness research.

  Sunday closed with the four workshops being run again, two 1-hur workshops, so that all the participants could attend. Again, each remote viewing workshop attracted around 200 participants. It was very gratifying to see this type of response from the public.

  The conference was closed with a group meditation and the sending of distant healing.

  Another Field conference is planned for the Fall and there is talk of bringing the Field Conference to the States.

* For some comments on the book, The Field, see Henry Reed's essay "Occupy the Space in Between."

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