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Dr. Lauren Thibodeau

Choosing Wisdom Wisely: Selecting the Appropriate Intuitive Professional  

Calling on the intuitive wisdom of another person to help you interpret events in your life is a key turning point in your spiritual growth and development. But choose your wisdom resources wisely.

Generally, counseling and psychological professionals must be licensed, which protects consumers by providing recourse if a problem should arise. But for consumers seeking information about intuitive practitioners, no such “benchmark” standards exist. The responsibility to check out the backgrounds of the intuitive consultants you’re considering hiring resides with YOU.

Some practitioners may have education related to the work that they do, such as an astrologer who has a background in mathematics, or a medium who is also a social worker or counselor. Still, some of the best intuitives are the old “kitchen table psychics” whom our parents and grandparents may have consulted. Only you can decide what, if any, experience or education standards you would like those you consult with to meet.

If you choose to book a consultation with an intuitive practitioner, make a list of general areas you’d like to cover in your session, perhaps even specific questions. Take notes, but also be sure to ask the intuitive if a tape of the reading will be supplied, or if you may tape it. If an intuitive practitioner won’t tape or allow you to tape the session, be careful; reputable practitioners do not mind you having full access to the information, now and later.

Relaxing or meditating before your consultation is smart, as nervousness does not enhance the interaction between you and an intuitive. Neither does a “testing” attitude (e.g., “I’ll believe him if he tells me I drive a green Lexus”) While expecting some details is reasonable, expecting a consultation to go exactly as you imagine works against you. Approach your session with open-mindedness and curiosity. Shut off beepers, cell or digital phones, and call-waiting, if you opt for a telephone consultation.

Afterwards, listen to the tape of your consultation on a periodic basis. Use any exercises suggested in the reading, such as a new image to use in meditation. Actively apply the insights you’ve garnered. Keep the spiritual energy from your reading alive and flowing in your life by recalling—and using—the information. After all, you’ve invested time and money—from $50 to $300 or more—in the process. Now invest the results back into your Self.

© 2000 Lauren Thibodeau, Ph.D.

I N T E N T I O N  A S  A  T O O L

It’s hard to believe that simply harnessing our random thoughts and mental meanderings could be used to create better situations in our lives and lead us to greater understanding of ourselves, and others. But it’s true…and it WORKS.

By focusing on what you’d like to achieve—whether it’s in a relationship, a work situation, or a personal goal for self-transformation—you are harnessing INTENTION, and unleashing a powerful force. Basically, you’re telling the Universe what you’d like to see happen in your life. The clearer your vision, the more likely you’ll be able to achieve it.

Does this approach guarantee success? Of course not—the free will of others to accept or reject your intention still exists. But using your intention wisely can lead you to make decisions on a regular basis that are in keeping with that dreams you intend to make real in your life. It enhances the chances of success.

Here are a few ways to try the power of intention:

*In the workplace, before a regular meeting or interaction that you usually find stressful or unproductive, take a moment to mentally repeat the following (or something similar): I intend to be clear in my communication, calm in my approach, and centered in my ability to hear others clearly and calmly.

*Choose an important personal relationship in which seems to have shifted. Perhaps the “magic” is missing in a romantic partnership, or an old friend and you seem to be drifting apart. Use the power of your intention to transform things by stating your intention, which might go something like this: I intend that (name), whom I care about so much, sense my interest in transforming this relationship to one which serves us both on emotional, spiritual, and (if appropriate) physical levels. I send them love and accept their love in return.

By declaring your intention, and stating it clearly and regularly, you’ll find that your interactions with others will improve. Even if they don’t change, YOU WILL!

© 2000 Lauren Thibodeau, Ph.D.

U S I N G  Y O U R  I N T U I T I O N  A T  W O R K

Close your eyes, and shut off distracting devices like pagers and cell phones. Take a few deep breaths as you imagine a computer screen in your mind. See the question you have about any given situation typing itself on the screen. Then wait a few minutes and see what answer appears. Jot down all the information you receive, including the words that appear, the color they appear, the typeface, and any other details. Do this exercise at least once daily, and as you get more experience, you may find you can ask more than one question per session. Give it a try-hey, it's easy and inexpensive! Don't forget to email me at Lauren@drlauren.com 

Dr. Lauren Thibodeau, a faculty member of Atlantic University, is a well known spiritual psychic medium, intuitive consultant, speaker and workshop/seminar leader with international clientele. A professional member of the National Speakers Association, the International Speakers Federation, she holds a Ph.D. in Counseling from Cleveland State University, where she was awarded a research grant for her dissertation on near-death experiencers. Dr. Lauren has written for medium and TV host John Edward's newsletter, at his personal request, and is one of the mediums he recommends in his video program, One Last Time; John's office often refers clients to Dr. Lauren. Read more about Dr. Lauren here...she's made hundreds of radio appearances and been featured in articles in several newspapers, in documentaries and other media. She also holds an MBA and developed the Intuitive Style InventoryTM

The essays above were taken from Dr. Lauren's monthly newsletter. To see the archives of past newsletters, or to subscribe to these newsletters, go to http://www.drlauren.com/Newsletters/_derived/index.html

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