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By Paul Von Ward Hampton Roads Publishing Company

Digest by Linda Cornett*

  We are children of the world, the universe, the solar system, and ours is a solarian legacy. We are not mere products of natural selection or clay worked by a Maker. We are instrumental parts of a conscious, self-learning universe. The longer we ignore the implications and obscure the facts, the longer we will grope blindly (and dishonestly) through a narrow alley of conscious awareness.

            What causes this blind groping? What causes us to block out the idea or realization that we, as holographic portions and children of the universe, are probably endowed with the same miracle producing power we delegate to gods and angels? The cause of our blindness is our steadfast refusal to take responsibility for who and what we are. We deny our identity and buy into the notion that we are victims and lowly creatures... and for all we know, there may have been such a thing as alien intervention at some point in our evolution, which may have fostered this feeling. Nevertheless, we seem to feel secure when we conclude that our best minds have everything figured out. The truth is, we avoid responsibility every time we argue that, "experts say," "science says,"  "the bible says," "God says!" How many people are in mental chains because of someone who claims to speak for God?

Thousands say they have had encounters with aliens or advanced beings (ABs), yet, instead of seriously studying these encounters in an attempt to develop some understanding of life and consciousness, governments and mainstream scientists write off such claims as delusional or fraudulent. Meanwhile, believers may secretly worship/fear ABs as our good or bad superiors instead of viewing them as our other-dimensional siblings.

Myths, stories and channeled histories of Atlantis persist, yet we make no formal effort to uncover evidence or shed further light. The same goes for investigating the paranormal, uncovering our relationship to plants and animals, or finding whether there was ever life on Mars. These are just a few of the many things written off as unscientific (or at least, not financially profitable). If we study the connections rather than the differences between things, we might uncover important patterns and hidden laws. We've had science, now we need a metascience that looks for dynamics. We need a 21st Century discipline that includes rather than excludes evidence-- in fact, we need to develop a perspective that transcends science and religion.

The thrice-great Hermes Trismegistus was said to have given the principles of nature to the ancients. The Hermetic Principles may still be valid today. Perhaps they are emblematic of a conscious universe deserving of further scientific investigation: Mentalism-- everything exists first as an idea... in the beginning was the Word;  Polarity-- there are two [seemingly opposite] aspects to every phenomenon; Correspondence-- the same basic laws apply at all levels; Vibration-- all elements are in constant motion; Rhythm-- every entity, energy or idea has it's own cycle and pattern; Gender-- receptivity (yin) and expressiveness (yang) exist at all levels; and Cause and Effect-- all aspects of the cosmos are interactive within a system.

What causes something to come into being? Design, force, and matter. First we find ideas, patterns, or principles as the design or potential of a thing. This is probably activated by conscious intent working through subtle energies to manifest in matter. There is a correlation between these things and mind (noumena), emotions (subtle energy) and cell function (phenomena). This area calls for further study, and the same goes for the higher octaves of our five senses, active in the subtle realms and described as follows:

Browing-- televiewing [clairvoyance]; the ability to see at a distance or perceive fields, artifacts, energized forms, archetypes, memory fields and the like. Correlates to the third eye and 6th chakra.

Hearting-- similar to sound; ability to monitor frequency shifts between love-hate or connection-rejection. Correlates to heart and 4th chakra.

Splaning-- ability to "smell" another's intentions, perceiving emotional states such as openness vs. defensiveness or fight-flight intentions. Correlates with 2nd chakra and spleen or sexual organs.

Shading-- gut feelings regarding another's aggressiveness or defensiveness; sensing the shadow. Correlates with 3rd chakra and solar plexus.

Rooting-- the survival sense that "tastes" friendliness or hostility from others so as to preserve life and avoid death; it overrides other senses and correlates to the 1st (root) chakra at the base of the spine.

Wonder which senses we use when/if we encounter cosmic siblings or beings who share the field of consciousness? When they are present in our everyday reality, we perceive them through the senses. When we shift our consciousness to their realms or drift into alternate realities through the imagination, we perceive them mentally. When we are attuned to the subtle energies around us, we may sense or see those of the subtle realms such as angels, ghosts, and nature spirits.Wonder how many beings live on the frequencies around us?

Our solarian legacy is more than a blueprint for self actualization on a global  scale. Our survival may depend on our ability to take loving but firm charge of the environment. It may depend on our willingness to "wake up and smell the coffee" that is percolating in nuclear reactors, ethnic tensions, and terrorist cells. Violence is a two step process. Out of fear, we attach a label to a person or group. This creates alienation, and causes a distortion in the flow of information and energy in the subtle realms so that constructive thought is bottled up. This results in feelings of turbulence, tension, and stress. To relieve the stress, we give ourselves permission to attack "the other." The pressure may be relived for awhile, but it builds back up. Meanwhile, "the other" may also label and attack, and a vicious cycle takes over. We have to recognize the dynamic and change the flow. We have to say, "brother," instead of, "stranger," and create a new world.

Is consciousness the mysterious substance that animates particles? Is it the unified field Einstein talked about? What is the interaction between cells and magnetic fields like high voltage lines? Could advanced beings have been the inspiration for our supernatural religions? Do our cosmic siblings only differ from us in form, so that we are already linked, mentally and emotionally? Can we learn to think from the perspective of a far-off planet, a river, a virus, a tree, and create a vibrant, healthy earth? How does the CQ (conscious awareness quotient) of the scientific community compare its IQ? Shouldn't we be designing a "solarian education" that includes the teaching of the shaman and the learning style of the apprentice?

Ignorance creates darkness, and darkness pollutes consciousness. Let us recognize our solarian legacy; let us fling aside our fears and earn galactic citizenship."

Let us work toward the goal of personal transformation while influencing our leaders to fund research that includes the odd, the rumored, the mysterious. Let us place the highest value on love and healing. Let us walk the real world wide web that connects all life-- nay, let us dance the dance of endless possibility and say, "Behold, the old things are passed away, and the dawn brings new light.

* Linda Cornett, M.A., is a graduate of Atlantic University

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