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December 04 , 2006
The Intuitive-Connections Network

Important Announcements

Introducing Lorrie Kazan, Our New Associate Editor

Lorrie Kazan is a psychic and an intuition trainer from the Los Angeles area where she regularly teaches classes and has an active telephone consulting service. She has herself trained in several of the Edgar Cayce Institute programs and is one of the "Participating Psychics" at the Edgar Cayce Center in Virginia Beach, headquarters of the Association for Research and Enlightenment. She has written several book digests for our webazine and is at work on more. 

Lorrie Kazan, Our New Associate Editor

Lorrie showed so much enthusiasm for our webazine, and was making so many suggestions for possible articles and features, we invited her to become our "Associate Editor." Her responsibilities include developing some special feature articles, soliciting and developing articles from other domains, and searching out educational web sites that combine intuition and spirituality. Some of her special assignments currently involve working on a project to understand the potential role of spirituality in remote viewing and investigating the intuition development themes within Judaism and Islam.

Lorrie has a web site at www.lorriekazan.com She can be reached via e-mail at mysticmindlk@earthlink.net

Lorrie's first recruited article is by Diane Elliot, on the Torah of the Body

New Content Delivery: Some Options

You may have noticed that starting with the previous update, we have developed a new design and layout of Intuitive-Connections Network. The "front page" shows the new articles. The design of each new page has a double menu at the top, leading to two different sets of content areas. We also have incorporated Google.com's search engine, so that you can search the entire web site for material of interest.

Some of you may browse the webazine only infrequently. By looking at the archive section, you can find all the new articles that have appeared since your last visit. Or you can search the webazine, either by exploring the content buttons or by using the search engine.

Our webazine functions in two ways: As a news service, providing information as we gather it, updating the information available on a regular basis. As this information accumulates, the webazine also grows into an archived website, becoming an increasingly valuable reference tool for anyone interested in intuition development.

Now that we have the benefit of this new design, we are contemplating some changes in how we deliver new content. The main concern has been information overload. Although we are in the process of creating the most comprehensive website on the Internet concerning intuition development, we don't want you to be overwhelmed by the information that becomes available to you. We have been moving to more frequent updates, with fewer new pieces with each update.

We would like to hear from you as to your preferences, as to how often you would like to be notified of an update and how many articles would you prefer each update to contain. The more frequent the notices of updates, the fewer new pieces of information would be in each notice. For example, we conceivably could send out an update notice each day of the week, adding one new article each time. At the other extreme, we can send out updates once every two months, giving several new articles in each update. This delivery cycle was in effect when we first began, and operated for the first three issues. Currently we are delivering notices of updates once a month, with several new items for each update. We are contemplating moving to once a week, with a couple of new items.

The upside of more frequent updates with fewer items is that is it is easier to briefly focus on what is new, decide if it interests you, read it if it does, and move on. The down side, for people who are trying to minimize the number of e-mails that they have to sort through, is that you get more e-mails to deal with. The upside of less frequent e-mails is that you don't get so many to deal with, but the downside is that there are a lot more articles and such to look through.

We would appreciate hearing your comments.

Leaving Topica.Com

When we started Intuitive-Connections Network, we chose topica.com to be the subscription/newsletter server, as several other high level newsletters had used their services. Over time, however, it became clear to us that many of our subscribers were unhappy with this service.

For one thing, the subscription process was confusing, and often resulted in our readers subscribing to topica.com as well as our newsletter, only to receive unwanted "spam" or unsolicited, commercial e-mails For another, some Internet service providers, becoming increasingly intolerant of topica.com, were blocking e-mails from that service, making it difficult for us to communicate with our subscribers.

As a result, we have moved our service over to another program, one that gives us more control over the use of the subscriber notification process. Current subscribers may have noticed a couple of "test e-mails" as we made sure the program worked. It is working. Current subscribers need do nothing, as they are "on the list" with our new program. New subscribers will find a revised subscription page with instructions and explanations. This process has been worked out by Hipis, our webmaster, who has a few words of explanation about the new system.

Henry Reed

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