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June 10, 2008
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The God in the Tree

Kate McRaith, of Glenwood Springs, Colorado, is an artist and art teacher. For her graduating project, Kate embarked on a series of shamanic journeys to meet the gods in various species of trees. From these journeys, she made masks, such as are familiar to folks who know of the "Green Man." She also invited others to go on shamanic journeys with the trees, and found they discovered qualities similar to what she had found. To read her account of this project, and see photos of her masks, click here!


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Lucid Waking: Mindfulness and the Spiritual Potential of Humanity

By Georg Feuerstein. Book Summary by Debbie Leighton

What does it mean to be in the state of Lucid Waking?  Is it possible to be completely and totally aware of who we are both physically and spiritually at the same time?   If we as human beings find this state achievable, then the possibilities for the existence of humankind are limitless.

Looking at Reincarnation

By Ralph Davis

We could examine the subject of reincarnation from many different angles. Many books have been written about it; many more will be. Just as popular interest in—and acceptance of—reincarnation has mushroomed in the last 40 years, our knowledge of the subject has grown exponentially. Along with this new knowledge have come new ways of applying it to healing.

A Revolution of Angels

By Dawna Markova. An excerpt from her book, A Spot of Grace

When I was five, my grandmother who was a Russian midwife and healer told me a creation myth about a huge crystal bowl in the dark sky. One night it shattered into millions of tiny seeds of light that lodged inside of every being on the planet. Each was called a spot of grace. She told me that our task as humans is to find, grow, and shine that seed into the darkness of the world. She said that when everyone does this, the bowl will be made whole again.

Opening to the Spirit World

By Brad Tesh

God, the Angels and your Spirit Guides are always willing to help you with an all loving embrace, all one must do is ask for help and be open to receiving it and so it is. By opening our spiritual intuition to these loving beings, we are able to find peace, healing, and experience blessings of all kinds.


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Hear Edgar Cayce Give a Reading

Now you can hear an mp3 recording of Edgar Cayce giving a reading. From the vaults of the Association for Research and Enlightenment.

Society for Scientific Exploration

They are putting their popular journal online now, so you can read all their articles at no cost. They specialize in areas of investigation that traditional science avoids.

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